Learn With Us

Learn With Us

Software developers exploring learning and education in programming. Hosted by web developers and teachers Ken Howard and Nikos Katsikanis.

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    #17 - Day Trading

    In this episode Nikos shares his knowledge of bitcoin and other crypto currencies and how to get started.

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    #16 - Business Decisions

    Ken talks with Nikos about his new business endeavors. There's some discussion around bitcoin, react, and taking breaks from social media when arguments arise.

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    #14 - Public Speaking and Various Things

    Nikos shares details about his presentation at the Data Visualisation Summit in London. We cover a bunch of different topics ranging from Data Visualisation (Visualization), Front End Frameworks, Music, Podcasting, and building teams of developers.

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    #10 - Incremental vs Big-Bang

    Nikos and Ken discuss making massive changes in software and argue that it's better to do changes incrementally rather that doing it in one big bang.

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    #9 - Talking About Serverless

    In this episode Ken and Nikos talk about Serverless, a command line tool for creating and deploying AWS lambda, Azure, and Google Cloud functions.

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    #8 - Making Chrome Extensions

    Nikos and Ken discuss the process of making a Chrome extension. They also other common chrome extensions useful for developers.

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    #7 - Integration Tests

    Nikos and Ken discuss integration tests and a project for recording interactions. They also discuss ergonomics and workplace posture.

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    #6 - Becoming A Front End Developer

    Ken and Nikos talk about getting started as a front end developer. From podcasts, books, websites, there's plenty of resources for you to get started and begin your career.

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    #5 - Module Imports + Other Languages

    In this episode Ken and Nikos talked about module imports in TypeScript for use in the Chrome web browser. We touched on dynamic module imports, non-JavaScript languages that compile to JavaScript, online training vs. in-person training, and much more.

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    #3 - Teaching Ember + Mobile Applications

    Nikos starts teaching Ember and plans to implement Mob Programming. Ken talks about his experience at .NET Fringe and changing his newsletter from daily to weekly.

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    #2 - Modern JavaScript + World Issues

    Ken and Nikos recap what they did since last episode. They discuss different pronunciations and languages, dissecting Stack Overflow answers, and recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

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