Learn With Us

Learn With Us

Software developers exploring learning and education in programming. Hosted by web developers and teachers Ken Howard and Nikos Katsikanis.

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    #22 - GatsbyJS With Jason Lengstorf

    In this episode Ken talks with Jason Lengstorf, a contributor to GatsbyJS - A Blazing-fast static site generator for React.

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    #21 - The April Episode

    In this episode Nikos and Ken discuss what they've been up to. This is the only episode in April, 2018. Enjoy!

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    #19 - Picking JavaScript

    Nikos and Ken chat about JavaScript and how they picked it as their language of choice.

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    #17 - Day Trading

    In this episode Nikos shares his knowledge of bitcoin and other crypto currencies and how to get started.

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    #16 - Business Decisions

    Ken talks with Nikos about his new business endeavors. There's some discussion around bitcoin, react, and taking breaks from social media when arguments arise.

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    #14 - Public Speaking and Various Things

    Nikos shares details about his presentation at the Data Visualisation Summit in London. We cover a bunch of different topics ranging from Data Visualisation (Visualization), Front End Frameworks, Music, Podcasting, and building teams of developers.

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